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In Taichung, Taiwan

Over 30 years experience in manufacturing and design


GMT was established in Taichung, Taiwan in 1995 and our management team has over 30 years experience in manufacturing and design.

Since our establishment, we have produced OEM/ODM custom designed machines for special requirements of many well-known Taiwanese and International machine makers.

GMT made a range of machines including machining centers and turning centers but as the requirements of large precision machining became apparent; GMT focused its R&D efforts to support this heavy manufacturing industry.

Research and development

Our Research and Development team has a background in machine design at one of the pioneers of the Taiwan precision machine industry. We are an ISO 9001 registered firm and our machines all come with the necessary safety regulations including CE and EC safety regulation certificates.

GMT’s focus is on heavy duty double column machining centers, vertical machining centers and CNC turning centers with high precision and efficiency to help our customers machine the largest and most complex workpieces with ease.

In the past, there were few options and many parts had to be produced in multiple pieces. With the introduction of extreme machines now part design can be modified to produce more durable and complex 1 part design.

With the largest distance between columns and widest bed in its class coupled with the largest column sizes ever these series of machines can produce extreme parts for their respective industry.

CE and EC safety regulations certificate

Industrial application

At GMT, we want our customers to have the best machines to produce the largest parts with high precision and precision to achieve the highest value in their industry.

Since its inception, we have been providing services to customers in the shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive and medical industries, and we strive to provide them with heavy processing capabilities.

Industrial application to ship
Industrial application to aircraft
Industrial application to automobiles
Industrial application to medical care

We export to more than 20 countries around the world

In recent years, the strategy has been to promote our own GMT brand GOUSHIN-SEIKI, which we export to more than 20 countries around the world. In addition, this means we offer a network of sales and service partners to meet your demanding requirements for 24/7 smart manufacturing capabilities.